Bamboo removal is not simple task. You can not just  cut  it and apply weed killer and think you are done. ESI Bamboo experts uses a scientific approach to eradicate and remove Bamboo forever. The team of Environmental Systems' Biologists and Environmental Scientists insure that a cost effective Bamboo removal plan is initiated. Most landscapers or Tree Removal Companies do not have these technical persons on staff. Bamboo removal is a multistep process that requires planning and understanding the impact that Bamboo has on the property and possible wetland ecosystems. Bamboo has a extensive root system that could extend 2-3 feet below the surface. This root system must be removed carefully as not to drop any Bamboo root particles or Rhizomes  on the property removal. ESI also installs specialized barriers & containment systems to prevent growth in unwanted areas. Many home buyers do not realize that the Bamboo line along the property Boarder will spread into other unwanted landscape areas. This is why specialized handling is needed. We hear stories everyday that someone hires a low cost  landscaper or Tree Removal Company that removes and even excavates the roots out, but the Bamboo returns the in 6 monthes in mores place on the property due to improper handling.  ESI insures that a Bamboo removal project is completed right the first time. All Bamboo operations are supervised by one our highly trained Biologists that understand the significance of performing a quality job. ESI also performs containment services that sometime cost as much as total Bamboo removal. So when considering Bamboo removal you might want to consider complete removal. Bamboo removal in wetland sensitive property areas  can be difficult and even involve the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) which may require WETLAND DISTURBANCE PERMITS.    As a Environmental Company with over 20 years experience, ESI can obtain the necessary wetland permits and manage the ecological sensitive wetland restoration after the Bamboo Removal. Environmental Systems can restore landscaping including  installing sod & seeding, planting of trees and shrubs making your backyard or other property areas look like they were never disturbed.


Contact Environmental Systems Bamboo Removal Biologists at 732-996-0811 or email Environmental Systems directly at surfj9@gmail. Our Scientific Bamboo Removal team can answer and questions you may have and provide a free no obligation quote.