Environmental Property Inspections prevent Buying Disasters !


High Probability in NJ

With over 10 thousand  Contaminated sites in NJ the possibility of purchasing a affected site is high. The only way to know is to perform pre purchase property testing by one our Environmental Experts or Licensed Site Remediation Professionals. Soil and ground water contamination could be present and impacting a property .

Will a Home Inspector Find The problem ?

A Home Inspector may not find the problem if he is not a licensed Environmental Professional. Most home inspectors only perform structural building inspections not environmental inspections. Environmental Systems team of licensed site remediation professionals  can sample air, soil and ground water to see if there any issues. A remediation of a leaking heading oil tank can often exceed $ 50000 .

What Should be My First Step in the Environmental Inspection Process !

Environmental  Systems recommends that the first step be to perform a oil tank sweep using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) performed by a environmental consultant.If any GPR anomalies are identified then extra cost soil boring should be completed to determine the source of the GPR readings.


Many home buyers take  for granted indoor air quality of the property they are purchasing. Chemicals from leaking underground storage tanks or a local dry cleaners can impact the groundwater and cause the home occupants to have health problems due to vapor intrusion contamination. Environmental Systems Indoor Air Quality specialists can check for chemicals in the air and compare the air testing results  to NJDEP and NJDOH testing standards. This test should be performed as part of the Environmental Property inspection and home inspection.


ESI's Soil and Ground Water  testing can  determine if the soil and Ground water are contaminated above the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Standards. If remediation is needed , Environmental Systems remediation group composed of Environmental Consultants can provide appropriate clean-up services..


Environmental Systems buyer protection services provides the buyer with a level of assurance that the property meets the current NJDEP air, soil and ground water clean-up standards and a satisfactory Environmental Property Inspection was completed.