The Licensed Site Remediation Professional has a major role in the remediation of a contaminated residential or commercial property. LSRP's make decisions reqarding remediation activities of contaminated sites in addition to cost and project scheduling activities.

The Art of Successful Remediation

Having a LSRP environmental consultant fully involved in a remediation is extremely important. Some company's sparingly use  of their LSRPS and some barely visit a site during the remediation.  Environmental Systems believes it is important  that a Licensed Site Remediation Professional be on site most of the time to understand the site issues and to solve problems that may come up during remediation activities.

It is more cost effective to solve a problem in the field then make endless phone calls to a  LSRP in the office. Environmental  Systems LSRPs have many years experience with remediation of petroleum and chlorinated contaminated sites.

The Negotiator

 It is very important that a LSRP understand the importance of negotiation with regard completing a remediation project on time and under budget. The LSRP must be able to understand and work with his/her client to achieve the remediation goal. The LSRP must  be able to negotiate with lawyers and state officials to help achieve remediation goals and reduce the time needlessly spent arguing about small details,

Project Leader- The Answer Person

Environmental Systems believes that the LSRP should be the ' Answer Person" regarding site remediation of a contaminated property. Many property owner can get frustrated because  they have to speak with 3 to 4 people to get an answer to their project questions. Havng a lead person that is a LSRP  that works on the project on a daily basis helps to prevent misunderstandings.


If your  a property owner with environmental problems you are most likely looking for answers a solution to your environmental problem. Environmental Systems provides free initial LSRP consultations.