Phase 1 Environmental Assessment


The Environmental Phase I

If  your purchasing a commercial property, The environmental Property Assessment is a good starting point and is known as a Phase 1 Environmental Report. The property history will be researched to see if there is a history of possible contamination issues. Sandborn Maps and  NJDEP files are reviewed by ESI's environmental consultants to identify any historical issues of possible Environmental Concern that may be hidden or not currently discovered. No soil or ground water sampling is completed during a Environmental Phase I.  However, it would be cost effective to complete a Ground Penetrating Radar Scan of the property to identify possible buried objects and underground storage tanks during the intial Phase I visit.

The Phase I Investigator

Environmental Systems only uses senior level environmental professionals to complete  Environmental Phase I investigations. Would you trust the inspection of your property to a Jr level employee. This why major New Jersey Financial Institutions and Banks rely on Environmental Systems for Environmental Phase I  Assessments.

Is The Phase I Assessment all that I need to Satsify NJ Due Diligence Requirements ?

A Environmental Phase I Assessment consists of a walkthrough inspection , a data base review and other pertinent historical documentation review. In some instances environmental Issues can be hidden, and the investigator may recommend  an Environmental Phase II Assessment that samples soil and ground water.  Media sampling may uncover subsurface underground contamination issues that may need to be remediated before deed transfer.

Full Service Capability

In many cases, time is of the essence. Having one company performing the Phase I and Phase II will significantly the time to closing. Also if a remediation issue arises Environmental Systems is licensed to perform Soil and Ground Remediation and has NJDEP licensed  LSRPs on staff.

Complete Environmental Phase II Services

Environmental Systems has complete in- house Phase II Investigation capabilities to collect discrete soil and ground samples in all type of geological formations.

If you have questions ? We have answers .

Not all Envvronmental Phase I and Phase II Reports are created equal. Maybe only limited data is required. Let Environmental Systems prepare a custom quote on a custom  Environmental Phase I Assessment report.